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Rev. Mac Shorty 

Rev. Mac Shorty is an example of why we do our Vamos a la Playa Program. Our program is a coastal access equity program that addresses barriers that communities of color face and accessing open natural space. We help break that barrier by taking family groups to the beach and educating them about their rights. For some community members, it is their first time at the beach, like Rev. Shorty.  

Alma Rivas

Coming Soon

Ceci Dominguez 

Ceci's dedication and focus have always been first to outreach. To empower herself, my community and others with the information needed so our voices could be heard. Her philosophy is "Who knows better than then people in the community what our needs are." My involvement with theater started with Cornerstone Theatre in 2008 with Touch the Water, late with 3 Truths and Where I'm From. My love for the environment, wildlife, storytelling and respect for the people in the community, has been one of the greatest influences in her life. 

Blanca Araceli

Blanca Araceli is an accomplished actress, choreographer, director, producer, and dancer.  For the past 30 years, she has worked in more than 80 plays in USA, Mexico, and Brazil. Through Blanca's amazing achievements, she partnered with Mujeres de la Tierra to join our cast for Telenovelas in the Park. 

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You will inspire the healing of La Madre Tierra. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference. 

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