About Us

Our Mission 

To support women and families interested in becoming active participants and decision makers in their neighborhoods – particularly social and environmental issues.

By supporting women, we aspire to create a network of trained community leaders to speak out and act with a collective and influential voice.

Nuestra Historia (Our Story)

Founded fifteen years ago in the City of Los Angeles, Mujeres de la Tierra takes pride in having local, state, and national impact through our values and culturally relevant programs that have won us recognition from the Anacostia Museum, City of Los Angeles and surrounding communities.


Mujeres de la Tierra has the distinction of being one of few Latina founded and led 501(c)(3) environmental equity nonprofits that focus on the healing of La Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) in Southern California. We are dedicated to advocating and fighting to revert the effects of negative social and environmental impacts placed upon vulnerable communities, especially those that are immigrant, low-income, and/ or people of color. We believe self-empowerment is the most effective tool to inspire leadership, individually and collectively, and recognize there are no distinctions between environmental and economic realities of everyday survival. By focusing on supporting women and families through education, community empowerment, and leadership building, we hope to create a network of trained community leaders to lead, speak, and act with a collective and influential voice regarding environmental and social issues impacting their neighborhoods.

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