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Welcome to the Mujeres Media Center, where you can find any documentary, short video, interview, or image that tells you a little more about the Mujeres vision and action.


Matthew Gonzales

A passionate young boy raised amidst the vibrant cityscape of Los Angeles, California. From an early age, he discovered his deep love for filmmaking, immersing himself in the magic of storytelling and capturing moments through the lens of his camera. Alongside his cinematic pursuits, Matthew devoted his time to supporting the non-profit organization Mujeres De La Tierra, using his filmmaking skills to tell the stories of resilient women making a positive impact on their communities, blending his two great loves to create powerful narratives that inspire change.

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Short documentaries created by Matthew

Restoring the Land

A captivating short documentary created by Matthew G. that follows Mujere's restoration efforts at Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Area. Join us on a journey to reclaim the beauty of California's natural landscapes as we witness the inspiring battle against invasive yellow mustard plants.

Vamos A La Playa: Connecting Communities To The Sea

In this heartwarming short documentary, we follow the inspiring journey of Mujeres De La Tierra, a community organization dedicated to empowering community members in underserved neighborhoods. They embark on their annual "Vamos A La Playa" event, a transformative day where they take individuals who have never experienced the beach, to the beach for the very first time.

Altars of Remembrance

Step into the vibrant world of "Altars of Remembrance," a heartfelt documentary capturing the extraordinary Dia de los Muertos altar and community procession crafted by Mujeres de la Tierra non-profit. Explore the profound connections between culture, community, and remembrance as these everyone comes together to honor and celebrate the spirits of their loved ones.

Interviews & Articles

LA Times Today: Annual Día de Muertos procession in Cypress Park strengthens community ties

El Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a celebration of family and friends who have died.

In Cypress Park, the tradition has inspired an annual community procession hosted by Mujeres De La Tierra — an environmental group that believes that strengthening a community’s ties is the key to making an environmental impact.

Telemundo: Noche de estrellas en el Acuario del Pacífico

Noche de estrellas at The Aquarium of the Pacific was a community oriented event where parents and children were able to experience the Aquarium in the evening. Activities included entertainment like dancing, listening to mariachi and rock en español music. There were several organizations including MDLT tabling at the event. 

Univision Mujeres de la Tierra: empoderando a mujeres sobre sus derechos ambientales

La organización Mujeres de la Tierra educa e integra a las mujeres hispanas en la lucha por un medioambiente sostenibles. Educación, información e integración son parte de los pilares que permiten que madres, hermanas y hasta abuelas conozcan sus derechos y entiendan cómo todo lo que hacen en casa, impacta al medioambiente que las rodea.

LA Times: 18 ways to learn about plants while volunteering around L.A.

William Hallstrom shares his experiences volunteering. He recalls that even the simplest tasks such as pulling weeds can be a meditation.  He mentions that working outside with plants is not only relaxing, but it makes you more aware of life in many ways. Being part of a group effort showed him how much a few people working toward the same goal could accomplish in a short amount of time. He shares information about organizations that can help a volunteer get more involved in healing la Madre Tierra.


Mujeres de la Tierra is able to share a little more on how we make a difference through our community engagement efforts.

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