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Agua es Vida / Water is Life

California has recently suffered from a 5-year severe drought.  In January 2014, Mujeres started to have informal conversations with community residents about the seriousness of the drought or "sequía" which led to a more formal process to engage folks in their neighborhoods. We videotaped some and surveyed others at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Two values were confirmed: although some people did not believe we were in a drought, they conserved water to save on their water bill and because it is a precious resource - too valuable to waste.


In 2016, we debuted Telenovelas in the Park, an overly exaggerated and funny performance to communicate the importance of water conservation, plastics pollution and living with the ethic that conservation is now way of everyday life in California. Mujeres launches its third season in spring 2018.

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