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Inspiring the Healing of La Madre Tierra

¿Quienes Somos?
We listen to Community 

Replacing fear in our Hearts with facts in our Heads 

By providing programs through a Cultural Relevant Lens

and helping find your voice

Our Annual Events 
Annual Dia de los Muertos
Art Installation

Every year, Mujeres de la Tierra organizes a community art installation event to create one of the biggest altar in Los Angeles. We come together to honor the lives of our loved ones with the Dia de los Muertos Art Installation. Bring your loved ones photo to honor them in our Art Installation. Everyone is invited to join us at this family-friendly event. 

Annual Dia de los Muertos
Community Procession

Mujeres de la Tierra celebrates Dia de los Muertos by organizaing an Annual Community Procession to raise awarness for local parks in overlooked communities. Residents, schools and local organization/groups walk a mile to the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens to enjoy a perfects night with foodm entertainment, music and incredible art installation viewings. for everyone to enjoy

Annual Dia de los Muertos

Join us for a night filled with celebration and fundraising at our Annual Dia de los Muertos Fundraiser. Witness our achievements from the past year. It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a night out with loved ones, partners, colleagues and friends. Indulge in delicous food, drinks, entertainments, buy a gift at our tendita and exquisite auction items. You won't regret it.  

Our Projects 

Restoration and Beautification Projects

We honor past community leaders and give back to La Madre Tierra through our MLK Jr. and Cesar Chavez Day of Service. Our goals is to make a positive impact on local parks and create a space for residents to come together and strengthen communities. We work closely with county officials, nonprfits and local stakeholders. Join us!