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Inspiring the Healing of La Madre Tierra

We listen to Community 

Replacing fear in our Hearts with facts in our Heads 

By providing programs through a Relevant Cultural Lens

and helping find your voice

Mujeres de la Tierra is an Environmental non-profit founded in 2004. Mujeres de la Tierra inspires the healing of La Madre Tierra by working to build grassroots community leadership and capacity among historically unrecognized communities, especially with immigrants, and/or communities of color. We firmly believe in the power of one. Our engagement efforts are created through a culturally relevant lens. We provide tools of empowerment by using facts, data, and science. We are connected to the community through local residents' input, platicas, listening sessions, and other means of interactive communication.

Mujeres has learned that successful events occur when they both entertain, educate and reflect the community voice. Our two community Dia de los Muertos annual events have become a tradition in the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhoods. Both the procession and altar art installation involves families and community partners. Our goal is to include all who wish to participate and enjoy our main events. Mujeres believes every opportunity should be used to strengthen community life, inspire a green ethic and learn from those participating with us.  

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Annual Dia de los Muertos Community Procession

Mujeres de la Tierra Annual Dia de los Muertos 2022 Fundraiser. Day of the dead Fundraiser to showcase our work we have accomplish

Annual Dia de los Muertos Fundraiser

Mujeres de la Tierra Art Altar Build Up 2022. Community memebers came together to build this amazing art installation.

Annual Dia de los Muertos Community Art Installation

Our Projects 

Mujeres de la Tierra creates and designs projects and programs based on community needs and concerns. Our work is designed with a Relevant Cultural lens, developing a thorough field assessment and focused listening during our platicas.  When mujeres works in a community we do not impose our thoughts, ideas, or opinions. We provide facts, science, and data so they can determine the best outcome for their neighborhood and family. 

Restoration and beautification events. One of our biggest events it MLK Clean Up and the work we have done at MacArthur Park

Restoration &


Telenovelas in the Park. We try to educate many families and childrent about the importance of saving water and pollution.

Telenovelas in the Park

Vamos a la Playa is where we take family members that have never been to the beach. We try to provide an unforgettable experience.

Vamos a la Playa

Community Leadership Circle is where we try to provide tools for many women and children

Community Leadership Circle

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