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Welcome Letter from Our CEO
Dear Volunteers, 

Hello and Welcome to the Mujeres Volunteer Team. Your time and service with us are very much appreciated and essential to our work in neighborhoods and local communities. 

Our Commitment to each and every one of our volunteers is to provide a safe and secure environment, relevant and timely training, and an enjoyable, memorable experience. Volunteers are the heart and soul of Mujeres de la Tierra and the organizational culture is embedded with community values and respect for the families and communities we partner and work with. 

All who volunteer must believe in our mission: To work with Mujeres and their families to build healthier and sustainable neighborhoods through community engagement, inspiration, and confidence building. 

Mujeres believes in the power of ONE... starting with you! We look forward to our work together. 
Once again, welcome to the Mujeres Team.


Irma R Munoz 
CEO/President of Mujeres de la Tierra


Support Mujeres de la Tierra

You will inspire the healing of La Madre Tierra. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference. 

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