Our Projects



The Water is Life Campaign was developed with the purpose to understand the opinions of Latino families regarding water issues, the drought, water conservation and other environmental issues

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Principios y Comunidad

Principles that Redefine Strategies & Approaches for Meaningful Community Engagement

Learn more about our approach to meaningful listening to and engaging Northeast Los Angeles residents regarding the principles they believe should guide future nature-based investments in the region


Telenovelas in the Park

Telenovelas in the Park is a grassroots theater troupe that uses the traditional telenovela model to present key messages about the drought, water conservation and the impacts of plastics pollution. With exaggerated acting and family humor, performed in English with bits of Spanish and Mexicanisms, it showcases a traditional “familia” in Los Angeles who is working hard to achieve the American dream.

Mujeres Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle is a series of lectures, conversations, and gatherings to discuss the many facets of leadership.  One of Mujeres’ key goals is to inspire leadership and ownership of local issues through capacity building, training, and inspiration.

Beautification and Restoration

Mujeres de la Tierra has been engaged in various restoration and beautification efforts throughout the city of LA. We strive to bring community members together to care for and rejuvenate the parks and waterways.