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Read about the 1st Latina founded and led environmental organization in the state of California!

Mujeres de la Tierra was first founded in 2004 after CEO and Founder, Irma Muñoz, realized while working at another nonprofit that there were no organizations that really addressed the concerns of the Latino community. No organization was really looking at issues through a relevant cultural lens, not asking the community what they wanted, but often going in to communicate with a “save their day” mentality. From one day to the next, Irma created Mujeres de la Tierra. She wanted to give women and families both a voice and platform and not have someone else speak for them, which is often the case. 

Volunteers removing invasive weeds for our Sunset Summer Restoration event on

July 2023 at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area.

How did Mujeres de la Tierra get its name?

The name came to Irma Muñoz in an instant, it felt so natural. She was greatly inspired by her mother who grew up on a ranch in Zacatecas, Mexico. Everything her mother did was environmentally sustainable, and as a little girl she taught Irma about the importance of capturing rainwater and being resourceful. When she thought about the lessons her mother taught her, she knew she wanted to focus the name of her organization on Mujeres and their children. She strongly believes in the power and voice of la Mujer, which is why Mujeres de la Tierra inspires women to find their voice and use it to benefit their families and their neighborhoods.

What can I expect in the upcoming blog posts?

Expect to see a range of blogs from environmental how-to’s, environmental tips & advice, community updates & news, culturally based topics, and the latest news from Mujeres de la Tierra. We welcome any suggestions for blog topics, so leave a comment to let us know what you would like to read!

Mujeres de la Tierra is ecstatic to begin this journey to share our work, and to have the opportunity to further connect with you. Stay tuned and stay informed through our social media and blog!

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