Meet The Mujeres Team

Irma R. Muñoz


President / CEO

Irma R. Muñoz is the Founder/President of Mujeres de la Tierra – an avant-garde environmental non-profit focused on healing la Madre Tierra and re-defining the traditional “green” dialogue in Los Angeles, California.


She has served as Environmental Affairs Commissioner with the City of Los Angeles and currently serves as board member of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. 

Paola was born in Guatemala, she has more than 10 years’ experience in the areas of data analysis, business administration and project management.

She graduated in Guatemala with a master’s degree in Business Administration. 

She brings expertise in finance and project management and has an interest in urban planning.

Paola Machan

Operations Manager

570 W Avenue 26

Los Angeles, CA 90065

Tel: (323) 207-5155

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