Working Partner Application

To apply as a "Working Partner," you must be either a water district, water supplier, outreach manager for water districts, retail water supplier, municipal department, public work, water company and other related entities.  Only ONE water agency will be selected to be the "Working Partner" and that agency partner will determine the staff who will work with Mujeres de la Tierra to develop the program and activities for the Lab.  

For further information you may email:

     Our Board Chair, Adan Ortega at:

     Or Irma Muñoz at:

     Or call Rita Dávila at: 310.985.4410

All information provided to Mujeres de la Tierra will be held in strictest confidence.  All documents will only be used for the Water and Drought Solutions Lab. 


Please email the following materials to:

1) A copy of your outreach plan, 2) A copy of two three of your educational literature including languages other than English, 3) Please provide us with a list of your Board of Directors, 4) Provide a copy of your organizational chart