Participating Water Entity Application

To apply as a "Participating Water Entity," you must be professionally involved in public outreach or be a civic leader such as a water district director or city councilperson with a committee assignment overseeing public outreach and engagement. Each selected water group is required to send two representatives from their organization. 

The Lab will be limited to 30 participants in order to provide meaningful participation. Only 15 water related entities will be invited to join the Lab.

For further information you may email: 

     Our Board Chair, Adan Ortega at:

     Or Irma Muñoz at:

     Or call Rita Dávila at: 310.985.4410

All information provided to Mujeres de la Tierra will be held in strictest confidence. All documents will only be used for the Water and Drought Solutions Lab. 

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Please provide us with a short summary of your outreach plan and communications strategy with two successes and two challenges: