La Paletera de Los Angeles

La Paletera is “up scaling” the current paleta vendor model by selling frozen fruit bars produced with sustainable business practices as well as meeting health department standards.  The fruit bars and other products (refreshments and healthy snacks) will be sold from a colorfully designed solar-powered tricycle-cart, complimented by an attractive uniform (for vendor), which adds to the customer experience. The frozen bar popsicle stick will be etched with sustainable tips in various languages and packaged in wrappers that will include an anti-litter message.

The objective of La Paletera is to become a micro enterprise venture that will create sustainable jobs to the entry-level workforce.  It will include a job-training institute that will teach individuals how to launch and operate their own small business by building their entrepreneurial skills. La Paletera’s entrepreneurial skill training will include: fiscal and business management, sales, customer service, inventory control as well as other critical business development components. 

La Paletera's goal is to launch a pilot in several Southern California beach cities or other appropriate venues in Los Angeles County such as the Los Angeles River or public parks.

Our immediate goal is to have our Paleta-Mobile prototype constructed and present our signature paleta flavors: lime, lime-mint, pineapple and coconut. 

Mujeres de La Tierra has assembled a team of professionals to research and develop the business concept for a soft-launch in the near future. In addition, the Mujeres’ Board of Directors has named a board committee led by Board member Samantha A. Omey, Vice President of State Government Relations for Honeywell International, Inc.

Mujeres has come to realize through its community building efforts that you cannot separate “the green conversation” with the realities of daily survival: the two go hand in hand.  La Paletera provides an exciting and fun economic venture to merge the two. 

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