Drought Surveys

Mujeres de la Tierra conducted a survey at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and was able to get input from 175 members of the public.  The surveys were in English and Spanish.  The following are the results:


What/Who do you trust as a reliable source of information about the drought and water conservation?

English Survey Results

27%  Water Department/Utility

22%  Scientists

17%  Local Museums/Aquariums

14%  Non-Profits

11%  Government Agencies

9%  Local Weather Person

8%  News Media

¿En quién o qué confiaría usted que se le informara sobre la sequía y conservacion del agua?

Spanish Survey Results

31%  Water Department/Utility

22%  News Media

14%  Government Agencies

14%  Local Weather person

13%  Scientists

 6%  Non-Profits

 1%  Local Museums/Aquariums

Where do you think your water comes from? (This was an open question allowing the public to write-in their answers).

English Survey Results

38%   Rain

29%   Mountains

17%   Colorado River

16%   Ocean

¿De dónde cree usted que viene su agua?

Spanish Survey Results

49%   Rain

27%   Mountains

13%   Ocean

11%   Colorado River

How would you like to learn more about water conservation?

English Survey Results

35%   Internet

17%   Water Agencies

16%   Non-Profits

16%   Local Museums/Aquariums   

16%  Brochures

¿Cómo le gustaría informarse sobre como conservar agua?

Spanish Survey Results

28%   Internet 

23%   Water Agencies

17%   Brochures

17%   Non Profits

15%   Local Museums/Aquariums

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