Dia de los Muertos Benefit 2016

Join us for our 3rd Día de los Muertos Benefit on Saturday, November 5 at the beautiful Los Angeles River Center and Gardens. 

We will be honoring leaders whose actions have had a profound impact on La Madre Tierra:


Healer of La Madre Tierra
Ms. Maria Mehranian
Managing Partner & CFP, Cordoba Corporation
Benito Juarez Award
Mr. William W. Funderburk Jr., Esq.
Commissioner, Department of Water and Power
City of Los Angeles
Las Luchadoras de la Madre Tierra Award
Ms. Alina Bokde
Executive Director, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust
Ms. Elva Yañez
Director, Prevention Institute
Las Adelitas Award 
The Water Guardians
Washington Middle School
The Zapata Award 
Ms. Stefy Garcia & Dan Lopecci

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