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U.S. Drought Monitor forCalifornia
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February 23, 2016
(Released Thursday February 25, 2016)
Valid 7 a.m. EST
Statistics type: Traditional (D0-4, D1-D4, etc.) Categorical (D0, D1, etc.)
Drought Condition (Percent Area)

Week None D0-D4 D1-D4 D2-D4 D3-D4 D4
0.43 99.57 94.38 81.82 60.86 38.48
Last Week
0.29 99.71 94.69 81.82 61.40 38.48
3 Months Ago
0.14 99.86 97.33 92.26 70.55 44.84
Start of Calendar Year
0.00 100.00 97.33 87.55 69.07 44.84
Start of Water Year
0.14 99.86 97.33 92.36 71.08 46.00
One Year Ago
0.16 99.84 98.10 93.44 67.46 39.92

Estimated Population in Drought Areas: 36,440,935 View More Statistics


  • D0 - Abnormally Dry
  • D1 - Moderate Drought
  • D2 - Severe Drought
  • D3 - Extreme Drought
  • D4 - Exceptional Drought

The Drought Monitor focuses on broad-scale conditions. Local conditions may vary. See accompanying text summary for forecast statements.


  • Eric Luebehusen, U.S. Department of Agriculture

To Learn More About Current Drought Conditions in California, Please Click on the Link Below.  


If Your Are Interested In Learning More About Where Your Water Comes From, Click Below:




Mujeres De La Tierra

In January 2014, Mujeres De La Tierra Started To Have Informal Conversations With Community Residents About The Seriousness Of The Drought Or "Sequia" Which Led To A More Formal Process To Engage Folks In Their Neighborhoods, Places Where They Shop As Well As Other Public Places.  We Videotaped Some And Surveyed Others At The Aquarium Of The Pacific In Long Beach.  Below Are Partial  Results Of Those Surveys Taken March 2013.  Two Values Were Confirmed:  Although People May Not Believe We Are In A Drought, They Do  Conserve Water To Save On Their Water Bill And Because It Is A Precious Resource "From God"-Which Is Too Valuable To Waste.



MDLT conducting surveys on the drought with community members at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

-Public interested in knowing more about where water comes from
-How we got to such serious drought conditions
-Water conservation is a family value
-Many affordable and free conservation tips practiced at home were shared
-Public has informed opinions
-If you are a respectful listener, you will get a willing talker
-All boils down to economics
-Give-aways such as aerators and low-flow shower heads are welcomed

Mujeres display listing conservation tips for indoor and outdoor water use. 


Help us understand the facts about the drought. Please take our survey titled "Drought Survey". 

Click the link below to start the survey.

Your feedback is very important!

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